Dodge Viper Could Be Discontinued From 2017

The monumental Dodge Viper is one of the most unique cars in the automotive industry, but its time might be running out.

Compared to the new breed of sensible power machines, the Viper is a proper old-school, old-fashioned animal. Unfortunately, the qualities that make it a-one-of-a-kind offering won’t help it survive in the modern-day world.

In fact, Allpar – a site dedicated to the Mopar movement – reports that the Viper will be discontinued by the 2017 model year. According to the proposed FCA-United Auto Workers union contract, the assembly plant in which the model was built since 1992 will be closed. To make matters ever worse, no other product has been proposed (so far) to replace the almighty Viper.

But before you start crying your eyes out after the V10 muscle car, bear in mind that the Viper went on a hiatus in 2010 only to come back stronger and more outrageous than before. Still, that didn’t help the colossus 8.4-litre automobile – which produces 640 hp and 600 lb·ft (813 N·m), by the way – to sell, even tough Dodge knocked $15,000 off its list price.

It’s hard to remain optimistic in these conditions, especially as the American car manufacturer tried countless times to make the Viper more appealing. As of now, Dodge hasn’t yet confirmed anything; so maybe there’s still hope for the unique beast.

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