Dodge Viper ’1:28′ Special Edition Sells Out in Just 40 Minutes


Late last month, Dodge announced it would celebrate its sizzling lap record at the Laguna Seca racing circuit with an exclusive “1:28” edition Dodge Viper ACR. Only 28 would be built, and well, if you were hoping to buy one… sorry. There’s none left. 

Dodge opened up its sales books on Friday, June 24th, and after just 40 minutes all 28 of the go-fast limited edition models had been sold, not to mention a heap of other 2017 limited edition models that followed shortly after.

All 31 Dodge Viper VoooDoo II ACRs sold out in just two hours, followed by 25 Viper Snakeskin Edition GTC and 100 GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACRs in just two days, and a further 22 Dodge Viper Dealer Edition ACRs in five days.

All told, over 200 special edition 2017 Vipers found homes, a fitting send-off for its 25th Anniversary as well as the final year of Dodge Viper production. Yes, sadly economic and regulatory issues have earmarked the current Viper for the grave after next year. It won’t be going down without a fight, however.


The 2017 Dodge Viper 1:38 Special Edition dresses up in quite the sporting getup, brandishing a racy black-and-red paint scheme and the full suite of ACR (American Club Racer) track weaponry, including the Extreme Aero package and carbon ceramic brakes.

If the VoooDoo II ACR and Snakeskin GTC look familiar, that’s because they pay homage to a pair of famed 2010 special edition cars, which share the same names. The former looks menacing in an all-black exterior with a slim graphite racing stripe while the latter sports a Snakeskin Green paint job with a snakeskin-effect stripe down its centerline.

The white-and-blue GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR celebrates the Viper’s heroic 1997 FIA GT2 championship series win, and the limited series of cars that followed.


Missed out on these special editions? Thankfully, you’re not alone. Overwhelmed with customer requests, Dodge has also announced a special Snakeskin Edition Viper ACR for 2017, of which only 31 will be built. Orders for that model, which will feature black exterior paint and a snakeskin-effect SRT stripe, re-open in mid-July.

Given that a next-generation Dodge Viper may not appear for quite some time, if ever, perhaps now is the time to buy…

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