Dodge Reminds Us The Story Of The Power Wagon

Dodge is making us feel nostalgic by reminding us of the origins of the Power Wagon.

Dodge’s heavy duty truck started as a military vehicle during World War II, building more than 255,000 units in various bodystyles to suit the needs of the army.

The company soon realized that there is going to be a need in the market for heavy duty trucks, so they started developing a civilian version of the army truck. Dodge says that the original Power Wagon was the first truck offered to the public with a 4WD powertrain

Moving on then, with the original Power Wagon soon becoming a popular tool in the hands of farmers, utility companies and wherever they needed a heavy-duty truck to get the job done.

Fast forward to today, the modern Power Wagon may not be the blunt instrument it used to be, but with a 6.4-litre Hemi V8 under the hood producing 410hp, farmers and other professionals will have way more fun behind its wheel to care.

I just wish the new one had bigger badges.


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