Dodge Osis Concept: The American Track Car of the Future


America’s love affair with the quarter mile is dwindling. Cars like the Shelby GT350 and Camaro ZL1 represent a shift in focus from straight lines to corners. But aside from the Viper, Dodge’s desire to go ’round them isn’t entirely noticeable. One designer has a vision for a vehicle even more extreme than the Camaro or Mustang, though, could change that thinking.

The Dodge Osis concept, created by rendering artist Thomas Belhacene, presents a unique look at a possible future track vehicle for the American marque. It’s unlike anything you’d ever expect from Dodge, and that’s sort of the point.


The platform is completely customizable depending on driving conditions, track, etc., and even features removable body panels (pictured in green). “Osis offers the satisfaction of building and customizing your own vehicle through an array of replaceable parts,” says the designer.

The goal was to combine some of the most iconic aspects of American muscle with the purity of track vehicles like the Ariel Atom and BAC Mono. Cues on the front end herald back to muscle cars of yore, while the single-seat, open-top layout provides an “unadulterated, fun driving experience” unlike any other.


Envisioned as a vehicle for the 2020 model year, the concept was developed by Belhacene in partnership with Dodge and Chrysler design studios at the Art Center College of Design. Real or not, it’s a stunning look at possible product to come.

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