Dodge Might Axe Hellcat, HEMI V8s from SRTs in 2019

Better grab onto those hot Dodge Hellcat models right now, because rumor has it they aren’t long for this world.

According to a report from Motor Authority, Dodge will discontinue producing HEMI V8 and Hellcat engines by model year 2019, making way for smaller, twin-turbo engines in four- and six-cylinder varieties.

That means both the 6.2- and 6.4-liter HEMI V8s available today will become a thing of the past before the end of the decade, as Dodge will likely become the next automaker to succumb to increasing emissions requirements resulting in force induced, downsized engines.

It is likely that the American automaker will be able to maintain the same level of performance with its new twin-turbo engines, with some twin-turbo V6s putting out as much as 600 hp. What will be missing however is the iconic note of a throaty V8 revv’ing up, a sound that a smaller engine simply can’t mimic no matter how hard it tries.

Of course things can always change over the next few years and this is currently just a rumor, but not one that can be easily dismissed.

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