Dodge Journey In Runout – Will Not Be Replaced As Dodge Brand Shelved In Australia

Dodge’s one and only offering in Australia, the Journey SUV, has entered a runout phase and the carmaker has confirmed it will not be replaced.

Therefore, once the last Journey has found a home the Dodge brand will effectively be shelved in Australia, with no direct timeline or plan for a revival.

Dodge had previously signalled its intentions to seriously consider a local introduction for the fan-favourite Challenger and Charger models.

Logistics and business cases aside, the pair could well have found a home once the Commodore and Falcon based eight-cylinder muscle cars from HSV and FPV respectively were permanently put to rest.

But with no other brand presence in Australia, and with stocks of its key model about to be exhausted, a debut for the Dodge Challenger and Charger now seem less likely.

Parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Australia has left the door open for an eventual return, however, saying that different business cases for Dodge are under consideration.

“The Dodge Journey is currently in run-out. As such, the Dodge brand will continue to be represented in Australia through parts and service operations only,” FCA Australia’s Lucy McLellan said. “Future Dodge product is still under review for Australia.”

For October at least, the Journey comes with $2000 worth of factory bonuses. It remains to be seen if Dodge will offer further incentives in the months ahead to clear the decks.

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