Dodge Grand Caravan living on to 2017?

Dodge Grand Caravan living on to 2017?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles may not be ready to retire the Dodge Grand Caravan quite yet.

The company has already begun retooling its Windsor, Ontario, factory to produce the next-generation Chrysler Town & Country, which is expected to serve as a replacement for both the current T&C and its Dodge-badged stablemate. Chief executive Sergio Marchionne has insisted that FCA will only have just one minivan going forward, suggesting the Grand Caravan was on the chopping block.

The future of the Grand Caravan is still in doubt, however the current generation will live on alongside the new Town & Country, according to an alleged internal document cited by Automotive News.

The Windsor plant is said to be planning extended Grand Caravan production through the end of 2016, building minivans for the 2017 model year. The new T&C, meanwhile, is scheduled to begin rolling off the assembly line early next year, suggesting the old and new models will be built concurrently.

“While we’ve announced the Grand Caravan will eventually be the minivan that goes away, we’re not going into more detail at this time,” said a Dodge spokesperson.

The document has fueled speculation that FCA could keep the Grand Caravan through 2017 and beyond, potentially due to fears of market-share loss by narrowing the range to include just the more expensive model.

Both models are struggling to maintain sales in 2015. Grand Caravan sales are down by 51 percent to 29,364 units for the first five months of the year, while T&C numbers have slid by 46 percent to 30,680 units during the same period.

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