Dodge Goofing Around With ‘Muscle Car Beach’ Spot Ft. David Hasselhoff

It seems like a couple of high-spec Dodge models is all it takes to get The Hoff back into Baywatch mode.

Sometimes we just need to lighten up and try to have ourselves a laugh, even though some of these overly comical spots do seem kind of ridiculous.

For instance, either Hasselhoff isn’t trying to act at all, or he’s simply forgotten how to stay in character – something Richard Rawlings doesn’t seem to have a problem with.

Also, did Dodge just refer to the Durango as “the Seven-Seat Charger“? Why yes they did, at the 38-second mark. Granted, they probably wanted the public to think that buying a Durango isn’t a big compromise when in fact you wanted a Charger for its superior handling and agility.

But some of us will look at that statement and only see how silly it would be for the Durango to lose its identity. SUVs should stick to being SUVs – that’s their bread and butter.

Even though we’re not exactly laughing our tails off, the spot does make you smile a couple of times and even takes you back to those days when you actually used to follow Baywatch. Come on, admit it, you watched it. Hi Pamela!

The one thing that would have made this spot actually enjoyable, would have been a guest appearance from “Detective” Rawlings’ partner from the Dodge Law videos, giving everyone tickets for bad acting and sloppy editing.


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