Dodge closes Viper orders to assess how many are left

2017 Dodge Viper

The 2017 model year marks the final run of the Dodge Viper. It’s 25-year run is coming to an end, and that end might be happening right now as Dodge has just halted the ordering process for the American high-performance machine. According to The Detroit News, Dodge is examining just how many cars are left to be produced.

A North Carolina dealership ordered a large batch of 135 cars before Dodge discontinued Viper production. Now the team that builds the car has to see what it has in store in order to fulfill the demand for the final run. If there’s more to be made after all orders are accounted for, the ordering process will reopen. If the current orders will utilize the remaining parts needed, then that’s going to be all she wrote for the Viper.

If you want one, you may be able to find a Viper in stock in your local dealership. If you can’t, then perhaps you should hop on a plane and get to North Carolina to pick one up from the Gerry Wood Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram store in Salisbury. That dealer currently has 128 cars currently listed for sale on its website, and the dealer is not adding markup.

It’s been a fun 25 years with the Viper, and the car is better than it’s ever been. Still, it’s an aging beast and the time has come to put it out to pasture.

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