Dodge Charger SRT Review Explains The “Hell” In “Hellcat”

This review looks at the relevance of the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, arguing that it’s not high quality enough for the price tag and simply too powerful to use every day.

EverydayDriver says it’s just not a compelling whole package. It does some things great, like acceleration runs, burnouts and even taking corners. However, for the latter, its relatively hefty bulk of 4,575 lbs or 2,075 kg does make its presence felt in the bends.

The two reviewers do conclude that as a niche vehicle, a third or fourth car, it could justify itself. What would you use it for? Well, it’d probably be a vehicle you’d scare unsuspecting passengers in, then show them it can also do a massive burnout…

In that respect, if you do want a Hellcat, you could just go for the Challenger coupe instead, as that seems like a better defined offering.

Scroll down and check out the full video review below.

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