Dodge Challenger With Liberty Walk Kit And PUR Wheels Looks Out Of Its Element

This is a Challenger Hellcat unlike any other – but that’s not necessarily a praise.

For starters, it comes equipped with Liberty Walk fender flares – a styling trend born in Japan, inspired from Japanese racing culture and machines.

Needless to say, the “bolt on” exaggerated style cues look odd on American automobiles. Except maybe in some cases like the full-size SUVs, which use them for off-road purposes, but that’s another craze whatsoever.

Unlike bespoke, fat wide-body kits usually used by American customizers (which merge the widened fenders with the whole body), this particular built utilizes the flares just to house the broad, aggressive wheels and tire fitment – a quick fix for Japanese racing drivers in an attempt of making their 70s Hakosukas more stable, but an unnecessary way of posing in an American muscle car.

In fact, the fender flares are the only visual body mods on the car and they make the whole ensemble seem like an afterthought and hand-made. The Airrex air suspension isn’t helping either, as it slams the car on the ground making it look like a beached Hellcat.

Well, at least the 20-inch PUR LG01 wheels are top notch, even though SR Auto – the Canadian tuning house responsible for the car’s looks – installed them to “keep it classy”. Right…

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