Dodge Challenger Looks Even Wider With Liberty Walk Conversion

At 75.7 inches, the Dodge Challenger isn’t actually much wider than, say, a Ford Mustang – but it sure looks it. Performance aside, it’s one of the most imposing vehicles on the road with more presence than just about anything else on wheels. Liberty Walk isn’t about to leave it at that, though, and has designed its latest body kit for the Mopar muscle car.

The widebody conversion for the Challenger includes wheel-arch extensions, of course, but also a front splitter and ducktail spoiler. The components are made of fiberglass, and can be ordered separately or as part of a complete package, priced in the UK at £4,460.00 (or almost $6k at current exchange rates).

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a Challenger with a Liberty Walk kit, mind you. But it never fails to impress, giving the Dodge an even more planted stance on the road – especially all in black and when paired with Liberty Walk’s Airexx digital air suspension – whether it’s packing a humble V6, the top-of-the-line supercharged Hellcat V8 or one of the Hemis in between.

Then again, if price is a concern, the cash spent on the body kit could arguably be better put towards upgrading to the next engine up. Because a muscle car like the Challenger has always been about delivering the most bang for your buck.

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