Dodge Challenger Hellcat Haunts Euro High-Speed Run Event

Even though US consumers are used to crazy powerful muscle cars, Europeans are still somewhat fascinated with the concept.

In the US, you can get some adequately quick cars like the base spec Camaro or Mustang for affordable prices. That type of performance generally costs you more on the Old Continent – so you can imagine how most people there would view a 707 HP muscle car turned supercar, that costs just $59,995, or roughly €53,500.

In Europe, people who spend that kind of money on a 2-door reasonably fast car, usually just end up purchasing something like a BMW 435i Coupe or a Porsche Cayman. But let’s face it, as great as those are, they really can’t hold a candle to 707 HP in a straight line; it’s just not possible.

So what happens in this video? Well, this particular Hellcat not only hit 305 km/h (189 mph) on the long straight, but also drag raced two other cars (that we know of), including an M4, which by the way, will cost you €72,500 in Germany, the equivalent of roughly $81,000.

So if you want to talk bang for buck, you can see why some people might be fascinated with the Hellcat a little bit more than others. It’s truly an impressive achievement for Dodge – not necessarily from a technical perspective, but more so simply because they said “screw the status quo” and went ahead to build this car for the masses.


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