Danny Trejo Is Not Your Average Dodge Salesman

Actor Danny Trejo, known for the tough guys he portrays in movies, appears in three new Spanish language commercials for the Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger and Dodge Dart.

Debuting this month on television and digital platforms, the US Hispanic advertising campaign is built on the message “Te Pondrá A Prueba” (It’ll Test You).

In the commercials, Danny Trejo plays the role of an intimidating, unorthodox Dodge car salesman that surprises his customers – in a good way, fortunately for them.

The campaign consists of three sports airing in both 30- and 60-second versions, the first of which has already been released on June 11. Called “El Trato” (“The Deal”), the first spot begins with a scene shot in a dimly lit room with flickering red and blue lights. In this setting, Trejo and another man sit at a table tensely discussing what appears to be a shady deal.

However, what they talk about is a completely harmless thing, as you will find out by watching the commercial posted below. Two additional spots will follow in coming weeks: “Quemacocos” (“Sunroof”) and “¿Qué hay en la cajuela?” (“What’s in the trunk?”). Judging from their titles (especially the second one), they should be quite entertaining.



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