Chris Harris Blown Away By Dodge’s Insanely-Capable Viper ACR

The days of America building cars that can’t corner are long, long gone. There’s no better example of this than the Dodge Viper ACR which Top Gear’s Chris Harris recently had the chance to sample.

The ACR takes the already capable Viper and turns the insanity level up to 12 to create one of the world’s fastest lapping production cars, hybrid hypercars included.

Making the ACR so fast is its out-of-this-world aerodynamics package that includes everything from a rear wing as big as the Golden Gate Bridge to a rear diffuser that could swallow children whole and a front splitter to slice through ankles.

As Harrris demonstrates, all of this amounts to one of the most intriguing track-focused cars on the market. Not only is the Viper ACR about half the price of a 911 GT3 RS but it is also faster and with its six-speed manual transmission, offers up a driving experience to rival its German foe.

As the Viper is now dead, it could also prove a rather solid investment in the coming years.

To send the car off with a bang, we’re crossing our fingers Dodge will take the new ACR to the Nurburgring, beat the previous model’s once record-setting time and knock on the 7-minute door.

Watch the full review here.


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