Challenger Hellcat Shows Off 20″ Matte Bronze Claws

Even though things have cooled down as far as the extremely powerful Hellcat models are concerned, this is still one seriously knee-buckling car.

It burst out with a bang when it was launched in 2014, and out of the two Dodges the Challenger was the one that got most of the attention, with the Charger lagging behind.

This 707 HP beast was greeted with nothing but praise, but now some reviews are not so favorable.

We beg to differ. It’s a special car and it’s not for everyone. Want something practical to go from point A to point B without any hustle? There are numerous other options out there.

So how about this black Challenger SRT Hellcat with 20″ matte bronze ADV.1 wheels? It’s even wearing Nitto drag-spec radials to complement the “bad boy” look. The wheel design is pretty classic (Track Spec CS rims), which means that it matches up perfectly with the Challenger’s shape that harks back to the original icon.

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