Carlex Design’s Challenger Hellcat Project Coming Together

Carlex Design first teased us with their bespoke Hellcat project back in April when they released a few images depicting a very alien-like steering wheel.

The company promises to bring the same level of craftsmanship on to the rest of the cabin, and we can now start visualizing the final product thanks to a series of new pictures, including one with the exterior.

Sticking with the cabin though, we can’t help but notice the door panels which almost seem like they were taken straight out of that old fantasy animated series called ‘The Pirates of Dark Water’ – but we can just as easily stick with “Alien”.

As for the outside, there’s not much to notice aside from a new badge on the front grille and right wing. Then again, modifying the exterior to match the car’s insides would have basically meant changing the Hellcat’s appearance altogether into something, well…we’ll just leave that to your imagination.

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