BREAKING: SRT Hellcats And HEMIs Set To Die In 2019

Hellcat Vs. Hellcat, Photo By Chris Mitchell Photography

Many moons ago Dodge gave enthusiasts a shot in the arm when it unveiled the Hellcats. Yes, Hellcats, as in not one, but two cars that come from the factory with a 707-horsepower supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V-8. Because this is America, and this is what we do. Well, it seems, it’s what we do for now. We’ve just received word the Hellcats and all HEMIs in SRT models will die.

Need a moment? Take one. Maybe take three.

Better? Here’s what we are being told by our reliable source at JeepTrackhawkForums. Once the 2019 model year rolls around, supposedly the SRT lineup will drop all HEMI V-8 engines. Yes, both the current 6.4-liter and supercharged 6.2-liter units. The entire lineup will go twin-turbo four or twin-turbo six beyond this date, depending on the vehicle.

Power freaks don’t fret just yet. A twin-turbo four will easily eclipse 300 horsepower reliably, and a twin-turbo six can easily eclipse 600 horsepower (have you heard of the Nissan GT-R NISMO?), so power won’t be a problem.

But here’s the thing, a twin-turbo six can sound good, even great (again, heard of the Nissan GT-R NISMO?), but they don’t sound like a HEMI V-8. And they certainly don’t sound like a supercharged HEMI V-8 in a Hellcat, which basically sounds like God getting mad—real mad.

If this all ends up coming to fruition—and we say that because while we believe this information to be true today, a lot can change in product plans between now and when the first 2019 models are due—that means the Hellcats will die after the 2018 model year.

We all knew Hellcats would likely become collector cars, but that argument is becoming clearer by the day.

Of course we made a very early morning phone call to a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles [NYSE:FCAU] spokesperson to ask about all this. We were told: “We can’t comment on future products.”

From this Hellcat enthusiast, this news is devastating, but not completely shocking based on current and upcoming fuel economy standards. Now might be a good time to tell your neighbors to buy another Prius or two so we can keep our Hellcats.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sob quietly in the corner.

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