Artist Imagines Dodge Track Car…Say What?

If you want a fun, fast and reliable track car, you look to the United Kingdom. Britain has cemented its position as the market leader for such models and is home to the likes of Ariel, Radical, BAC, Lotus and new players Zenos and Elemental.

But if a U.S. firm like Dodge were to go down the track-car route, what could it come up with? To give us an idea, rendering artist Thomas Belhacene has dropped what he dubs the Osis.

The designer was influenced by current track offerings yet wanted to retain characteristic American design elements. The overall shape reminds us of the curious Plymouth Prowler and incorporates open front wheels and exposed suspension elements. The nose of the car is particularly eye-catching and absent of any obvious air intakes or key aerodynamic elements.

The sides adopt a rather simplistic design with numerous straight lines and sharp edges, including an exposed section directly behind the front wheel arches. The rear is much the same as the front in that it has a narrowly pointed shape completed with a prominent LED taillight.

While it’s extremely unlikely that Dodge will produce such a car, particularly since the Viper has been canned, it’s interesting to see how such a car could look.

Via Behance

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