Apple developing autonomous car software in Canada?

Apple developing autonomous car software in Canada?

Apple may have scaled back its automotive ambitions, but the project has reportedly expanded geographically with some critical teams working from Canada.

The California-based company earlier this year hired Dan Dodge, the former founder and chief executive of software developer QNX. Now owned by BlackBerry, QNX created an operating system for embedded systems used in vehicles, smartphones and other devices.

Unnamed sources now tell Bloomberg that Apple hired dozens of former QNX engineers. Conveniently, an Apple office is said to be located just a five minute walk away from QNX offices outside Ottawa.

Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ was initially rumored to be focused on building an autonomous electric vehicle, however the initiative is said to have struggled early on as leaders allegedly disagreed over a product focus.

Apple chief Tim Cook reportedly convinced veteran executive Bob Mansfield to come out of semi-retirement and provide guidance. Later leaks claimed hundreds of employees were subsequently laid off and hundreds hired to refocus on building a software platform for autonomous technology, rather than developing an entire Apple-branded vehicle.

Project leaders are said to face a late-2017 deadline to establish viability for a software product or the entire operation could be cut.

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