All-Wheel-Drive Dodge Challenger Is Mopar’s Idea For All-Weather V8 Living

Mopar has created an all-wheel-drive version of the Dodge Challenger for this year’s SEMA show, toying with the idea of an all-weather muscle car.

The official tuning arm of FCA took parts from two different models in order to create the first AWD Challenger, with the four-wheel drive system coming from a police car version of the Charger and pairing it to an eight-speed auto found in the Chrysler 300. A wide body kit, bigger brakes, lowered suspension, reinforced chassis with sway bars and strut bars were installed also, but the big news are under the hood.

Mopar announced the debut of the Scat Pack 3, an upgrade destined for models fitted with the 5.7-litre Hemi V8 which adds an extra 75hp and 44lb ft of torque which should mean that this Challenger packs around 515hp and 494lb ft.

The same upgrade lives under the hood of the Dodge Charger Deep Stage 3 show car while Mopar also showcased the Dodge Dart GLH concept, a blacked-out meaner version of the regular car, featuring a new sport hood which will equip every GT-trimmed model from now on.

Dodge Challenger GT AWD

Dodge Charger Deep Stage 3

Dodge Dart GLH


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