A Dodge Viper For Less Than $20,000? Please, Take My Money – Oh, Wait…

No matter how you put it, where you look, or whatever version you go for, buying a Dodge Viper will empty your bank account faster than you can blink. Unless, that is, you go for this green example.

Don’t worry: it’s not a replica. However, it does have a rebuilt title, as it has been repaired, inspected and repainted following a rear end collision a few years ago. Its original color was blue, but the previous owner wanted to go with “snakeskin green”.

Other than that, the seller claims this Viper is in good condition, with zero body damage other than a few scratches and normal interior wear.

Less than $20k? Too good to be true. Well, it is sold as a roller, which means it lacks the 8.4-litre V10 engine, that’s all. That’s the only catch – everything else is in place, including the T56 transmission, drive shaft, wire harnesses etc. It even has full Kooks exhaust headers.

The original engine was damaged due to a spun rod baring, and because it wasn’t repairable, the current owner bought this Viper as a project. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to throw another motor under the hood and he’s now selling the entire car for cheap. In fact, the bid on eBay is at $16,000 as we speak, and that’s less than a new Nissan Sentra.

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