A Burnout Party Can Leave Some Marks On Your Car

If you want to transform tires into dust and clouds, go to a burnout party.

Pushing your car’s limits on the track is a challenge, but pushing it while standing still takes only a heavy right foot, and probably a toll on your car. Filmed at the Street Car Takeover event in St. Louis, this burnout party seems a lot of fun – for those into burnouts – even though we cringed multiple times while watching the video.

Seeing cars shredding rubber, revving their guts out and occasionally braking under pressure isn’t usually our cup of tea (or lager, in this case), but we’ve got to hand it to the owners who believed that something awesome can come from this; Still, it appears that some of the “contestants” took the challenge very seriously, bringing multiple sets of tires to destroy, even though the prize consisted of slowly ripping your car apart, while charming a bunch of strangers.

Take for instance the kid in the 1974 Dodge Charger, who obliviously revved his car until the poor thing lost its coolant and accessory belt. But, at the end of the day, everybody is entitled to do whatever they want with their personal property, or as the video description put it: “let the tires screech out AMERICA! and flood the skies with clouds of freedom”.


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