900HP Wide-Body Dodge Challenger Hellcat Is Pure Evil

If you ever felt that the regular Dodge Challenger Hellcat wasn’t imposing enough with its 707 HP, this car right here might be more to your liking.

It’s widened exterior comes courtesy of Prior-Design and their PD900HC package, while the straight line performance also gets a boost thanks to almost 200 extra HP, which the car definitely doesn’t need if you’re being practical.

Of course, being practical isn’t what it’s all about when deciding on how to tune your car in order to make it go faster and look more aggressive. Speaking of which, the exterior is also enhanced by the bronze PD3Forged wheels, identical to the ones on this AMG GT S.

The PD900HC wide-body aero kit consists of a front add-on spoiler, rear diffuser, side skirts add-on spoiler and a rear trunk spoiler, plus of course the front and rear widenings that give the car a more menacing look – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any conclusive performance figures for this car, but we do know of at least one case where a 900 HP Hellcat (a different one) ran a 9.7-second 1/4 mile, before its driveshaft gave out.

Other cars capable of sub-10 second 1/4 mile runs you ask? The likes of the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and so forth.

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