850HP Challenger Hellcat Burns Rubber Against 700HP Vette

It’s agility vs muscle in this classic American straight-line showdown between a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and a Chevrolet Corvette.

As the title indicates, both cars have been modified to help them punch slightly above their weight. Of course with the Hellcat, it’s always a bit counterintuitive seeing it on the drag strip.

It’s big, heavy and seriously powerful, yet lighter and slightly less powerful cars have been known to knock it off its high horse on several occasions.

If you think such a thing is what happens here, well, it just might, because the Corvette is lighter and at 700 HP, it might just have what it takes to sustain a victorious push to the 1/4 mile finish line.

Both drivers race each other twice and both times pretty much get the same result – with low 10s for the winner and mid 10s for the runner up.

Oh and remember to turn up the volume on your speakers if you like the sound of supercharged cars.


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