2015 Red Charger SRT 392 Lights Up The Night [21 Pics]

As most of you already know, you can actually have fun in a modern-day Dodge Charger that isn’t nicknamed ‘Hellcat’.

Here we have a 2015 Charger SRT 392, which is by no means unqualified to put successive grins on your face once you step on the throttle.

Sure, it may not have over 700 HP, but it’s still rear wheel driven and it still packs a more than sufficient 485 HP to go with 644 Nm (475 lb-ft) of torque.

That’s enough to get you from nothing to doing 100 km/h (62 mph) in about 4.5 seconds as well as provide you with plenty of mid-range punch to get you by just about anybody. It’s a fast car, it’s a good looking car, the only thing it’s not is a premium car.

Naturally, that’s because Dodge isn’t a premium brand, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t look pretty darn nice on a set of custom Vossen CVT wheels, much like the ones we saw on this Lexus LS 460 or this Audi S3 Sedan.

What this car is, is basically fast enough for you to have loads of fun with, but not fast enough for you to properly challenge anybody that’s packing more firepower or a lot less weight in a straight line – especially not from a standing start.

Wait, why am I even bringing up drag racing since all I wanted to do was talk about the car..and the wheels, mostly. Must be because that’s all we think about nowadays whenever we hear SRT.

Anyway, if you do buy this car and you don’t play around and have it show you all she’s got, you might find yourself breaking a very important Dodge Law.

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