16 Cars Being Discontinued for 2016


With the arrival of the new year, it also means the departure of vehicles we used to know. Automakers are shedding their old skin, slipping into something more appropriate, and hoping to take the sales crown. These 16 cars just didn’t make the cut.

Dodge Grand Caravan



The minivan died with the introduction of the crossover. But while Chrysler still holds on to hope that the Town & Country can keep up its success, Dodge isn’t betting on the rebranded minivan any longer.

Dodge Durango



Dodge hasn’t come out and confirmed the demise of the Durango SUV yet, but like the Caravan, it’s just lost in a segment that’s much more refined and efficient than the old-school American SUV.

Honda Civic Hybrid



It’s no surprise that Honda is killing off the previous-gen Civic Hybrid. A new Civic hit the scene this year, and with that, we’ll likely see a new hybrid version sometime in the near future.

Honda Crosstour



You either love the Honda Crosstour, or despise it with the rage of a thousand suns. Honda felt more the latter, and decided to kill off the quirky wagon-UV for 2016.

Jaguar XK



It was the first hint at revival for the formerly failing British marque. When it was introduced in 2006 with sportier implications, it was a success from the minute it left the dealership. Now, it’s stuck in no man’s land somewhere between the F-Type and XF. Time to go.

Jeep Compass


Jeep Compass 2012

We don’t have much positive to say about the Jeep Compass—which is good, because Jeep doesn’t either. It’s being killed off in 2016 for good reason.

Land Rover LR2



Among the celebrity status of the Range Rover Sport, and the ruggedness of the standard Land Rover, the LR2 fails to impress for a small segment of buyers. Not to mention the new Discovery is light years more improved.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class



Mercedes-Benz is in the process of completely revising its lineup. With that revision, the M-Class will have to go.

Mini Coupe


MINI Coupe, 2012

We’re as surprised as you are that the Mini Coupe lasted as long as it did. With dismal sales year after year, the four-year old Coupe is finally going the way of the dodo.

Mini Roadster



With the Coupe meeting its maker, it’s no shock that the Roadster will follow suit. Both were questionable, to say the least, and disappointing in sales.

Nissan Xterra



It’s been a long and relatively successful run for the Nissan Xterra, but all good things must come to an end. Nissan’s push upmarket makes the Xterra pretty much useless.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution



The sad reality is that Mitsubishi can’t find a way to make the American market work. With the death of the Evo in 2016, we can’t imagine that Mitsubishi, as a whole, will be far behind it.

Scion iQ



Is it any surprise that the Scion iQ was an absolute disaster? Ridiculous styling, a horrid interior, and driving dynamics more akin to a shopping cart. Good riddance.

Scion xB



While Scion is preparing to hit the scene with the new C-HR CUV, that means that the boxy xB has to go. While the first generation was a fun and functional thing to behold, it somehow lost its personality along the way.

Toyota Venza



It’s kind of surprising that Toyota is killing off one of its best-looking crossovers in recent history. But with the success of the Rav4, and the continued success of the Highlander, there’s just not much reason to keep it around.

Volkswagen Eos



The Volkswagen Eos is dead, not that that should be much of a surprise to anyone. Maybe if we’re lucky, Volkswagen will bring the hotted-up GTI convertible stateside.

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