1500 HP, Twin-Turbo Dodge Viper Rockets Down 1/4 Mile Like A Ballistic Missile

Despite its poor sales record, the Dodge Viper, especially in Gen V guise, is a truly ferocious supercar capable of blistering straight-line performance and, in ACR-spec, some racetrack crushing times.

Typically, the Viper is powered by a mammoth 8.4-liter naturally-aspirated V10 engine churning out 645 hp. While that’s certainly enough oomph for most, one owner in the U.S. has turned his blacked-out Viper into a twin-turbocharged beast churning out 1,500 hp.

When rolling on a set of drag radial tires, this Viper recently managed to sprint down the quarter mile in just 8.4 seconds at 171 mph (275 km/h), taking off like a bat out of hell.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the run is that the rear-wheel drive Viper doesn’t appear to have any traction issues despite its insane performance numbers. Evidently, sticky drag tires and some fine judgment on how far to push the throttle did the job.


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