121k Dodge Darts being investigated over braking problem

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the Dodge Dart due to reports of braking problems. Some 121,000 cars are possibly affected, all from the 2013 model year.

According to The Detroit News, NHTSA received 18 complaints about the brake pedal becoming hard to depress on these cars, increasing stopping distance. Drivers reported hearing a “pop noise or an air hissing noise when applying the brake pedal, followed by a hard pedal feel and reduced brake effectiveness,” NHTSA told the News.

In a particularly terrifying incident, one driver says the Dart‘s braking system shut down while driving at 50 miles per hour. “I feared for my life. It is one of the scariest things I have ever dealt with,” the complaint said, according to The Detroit News.

A Fiat-Chrysler spokesperson said the automaker is “fully cooperating” with this investigation.

121k Dodge Darts being investigated over braking problem

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